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A More Engaging Learning Platform and Community Network for Secondary School and GCSE Students.

The Mighty GCSE Network (MGN)

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The Mighty GCSE Network

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The MGN is one of the core parts of GCSE.CO.UK platform. The Mighty GCSE Network has created this community to give all of you—the incredibly hard-working students who are using the GCSE.CO.UK — a place to meet and learn from each other.

What is Mighty GCSE Network?

Mighty GCSE Network (MGN) is a Private Learning Platform and Network exclusively for student members. Request an invite to join. It is one-stop-shop for learning groups, discussions, student-tutor group and networks to help and support each other. 

Mighty GCSE Networks unlocks your ability to learn, revise, get help and tutor support, and connect with others all in one place.

How is MGN Different from Others?

Most learning platforms are passive, and I would even go as far as saying they are often monotonous. The Mighty GCSE Network is engaging so that students can get fully involved, ask questions, discuss what they have learnt with the tutor, or even with other students - maybe even their friend from their local school. In the "real world" this is what happens in school classrooms. It is an integral part of the learning experience. Studies have shown that students learn more through discussions that engage them - than by a teacher talking at them. Don't you?

Courses on School Subjects

The MGN is not just a community network, we also have your learning content covered. We have courses on on the most popular school subjects, which means you can ditch the textbooks - and learn anytime anywhere. We cover the core GCSE subjects Maths, English and Science. Most importantly, our courses are supported by a community network of tutors and fellow students, who are all here to help you learn and achieve your goals.

Student Help and Support

With GCSE.CO.UK and MGN,  you can open up a world of new, more natural ways to study and get tutor help and support. With just a few clicks, you can post a question or upload a document to be checked. The GCSE.CO.UK student membership gives you access to your own Student Dashboard where you can request support, upload assignments and chat with tutors in real-time.

The GCSE.CO.UK platform and The Mighty GCSE Network has been designed with "you" in mind. You know who you are! The one who stares at your phone all day ;-). Our platform is mobile-friendly, so you can log in on any tablet or smartphone and study! So, you can't make an excuse for mum and day anymore!

By the way, you can also access Mighty GCSE Network via iOS Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Just search for "Mighty GCSE Networks" and log in. By the way, our tutors are online waiting in front of their computers. They are available to support you whether you connect via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. They are waiting to help you, to answer your questions - if you need help or are stuck on a problem, all you have to do is ask!

Now, if you are old school like me, and prefer worksheets, no problem, we have your covered. We have a library of PDF worksheets for you to practice. They are the same questions as our digital mock exams. When you join, just let us know that you prefer worksheets.

Ready to Dive In?

Students just like you are joining GCSE.CO.UK to learn more efficiency by being part of The Mighty GCSE Network that bring students and tutors together through learning, conversations and a bit of fun. And the number of students wanting to join our network is exploding. So, join us if you're going to part of a more engaging learning experience.

Join us in Mighty GCSE Network to meet amazing student (and tutors) just like you (and me) who are successfully navigating their way through the Secondary School experience and GCSEs.

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